4 Ways to a Successful Solar Pool Pump System

A lot of money can be saved with the use of alternative energy in domestic and commercial buildings. Solar power panels, which are one of the most popular alternative energies is invading the look of exteriors everywhere. People are realizing and taking confidence in the potential of these energies which is grounded in self-sufficiency and awareness of the environment.

Homeowners can invest in solar panels that supplement or completely satisfy part of their utility needs. Almost anything can be run by solar power and businesses are starting to cater to customers who want to save money by using the power of the sun.

Pool pumps can be powered by solar energy. Solar pool pumping costs near to nothing, it has been said to be the most cost effective use of solar. With the use of a solar pool pump the owners of it should be able to tell how much money they are saving by having it. Solar powered pool pumps Federal energy bill 30% tax credit for commercial and domestic solar plan needs.

solar pol pump

Dependable has ETA 90 Volt Direct Current Pool Pumps. Dependable offers two year warranties on its pool pumps and affordable pricing. The pump offered by Dependable is available as a stand along pump or with the full solar-electric system.

lorenz pool pump

The Lorentz solar operated centrifugal solar surface pump has a twenty year warranty. It is not battery operated, has a brushless motor and has an optional AC backup. Because this model operates on the surface none of the electrical parts will have to be submerged.

Most of these solar powered pool pump kits are designed to pump a pool one and one half-times per day. The pumps are powered by 500 watts of solar electric panels.

dual speed pool pump

If you do not like the looks of solar panels and do not want to make the commitment dual speed pumps are another money saving option which can help reduce the amount of energy the pump expends by adjusting the speed during the day. Of course, it all depends on how much the pool is being used. If the pool has many users a higher speed might be optimal to maintain pool clarity (cleanliness).

exchange pool pump

However if the pool is only used once or twice a week one might want to switch to a lower speed if confident that this switch will have no effect on pool clarity. The Pentair Intelliflo pump is pump with dual speed capabilities.

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kim kittinger February 25, 2010 at 11:58 am

how much are they, and how easy to install? Is the pump strong enought to pump to a 2 story roof solar system? Thank you for your time Kim

admin February 25, 2010 at 12:02 pm

Sure Kim the pump should be able to do it. Cost depends on the quality of the heating systems and your pool size.

Melissa December 27, 2010 at 3:10 pm

I live in Texas and we are wanting a standard 15 X 30 pool that has the depth of 3ft 6 inchesX6foot. Is this somthing simple to install-like simply attach to a standard pool pump or is it instead of a standard pool pump. The pump on this pool is one and 1/2 H.P. 2 speed – Polaris 280 cleaning system. Do you have any sales people in Fort Worth, TX? I have more specs so please contact me if you have more questions.

Thanks – Melissa

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