How to Clean a Pool Cover

Pool covers are effective cover ups for swimming pools that work to keep pools clean and regulate the temperature of pools by preventing the loss of energy during evaporation.

It’s great to have a swimming pool at home, but pools require regular maintenance. One of the most important maintenance requirements of pools is to keep them protected from various weather conditions such as extremely hot weather or during the winter. There are solar pool covers as well as winter pool covers for various needs.

If you have a pool, buying a pool cover is an essential investment. Pool covers are quite resilient because they are specifically built to protect swimming pools. However, since pool covers are the ones ultimately exposed to outer elements, they usually take a heavy beating. You can, however, extend the life span of your pool cover by taking good care of them.

If you have a pool cover, you usually have to open your pool during the spring. This means the pool cover should be removed. Before removing it, however, you need to clean it to make sure no debris falls into the swimming pool. Proper cleaning and removal is also important to make sure your pool cover is properly cared for. Here is a step by step guide to cleaning your pool cover.

Use a Pump

First, use a pump to remove the water that has settled on top of the pool cover. For this purpose, use a submergible pump and place it on the area of the pool cover with the deepest water accumulation level. Once you turn on the pump, it will start sipping water from the pool cover.

Check the Pump

Next, check the pump to see whether leaves and other debris are also getting sucked into the pump. If yes, you will need to remove them from the pump’s apparatus to avoid clogging. Leave the pump to do the work for as long as it takes until there are mostly leaves and debris on the pool cover and the water is almost completely removed. At this point, shift your attention to the leaves that have accumulated on the pool cover.

Invest in a skimmer pole to be able to reach the leaves and take them out. After doing this, you will find more water that needs to be pumped out, so you need to start pumping again.

Fill up the pool

Then fill up the pool with water with the pool cover still on. You may also put in the necessary chemicals. Once your pool is filled up, you can then remove the pool cover. This, however, will be difficult to do alone, so you can ask for some extra hands. However, if you are using an automatic reel system for your pool cover, you can simply press a button and the pool cover rolls up by itself.

Clean the Cover

Once you remove your pool cover, do not immediately fold it up and store it. Lay it out on your yard as you clean it using a hose to make sure that all debris and dirt are washed away. Leaving dirt on the cover to dry until the next season when it’s needed will cause the material to deteriorate. After washing, leave it to dry. Only after it dries up completely can you fold it up and store it. Adding powder can also help keep it in a good state throughout the entire storage season.


Storage is also an important thing in keeping pool covers clean. When a cover is in storage, it can also accumulate a lot of dirt, so make sure that you keep it somewhere clean and where it is protected from moisture and extreme heat. Do not put it under direct sunlight.

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