What is the most effective pool solar cover?

Pool solar covers are pool covers that effectively help in preventing the loss of energy from swimming pools. Due to evaporation, pools usually require too much energy, which means that your swimming pool heating costs will also climb. Some solar covers, which are specifically designed and made from special materials, can help save up to 59% to 70% from heating costs.

Solar covers come in different types. The most affordable types are the bubble solar covers made of plastic. Bubble solar covers come with UV inhibitors. There are, however, vinyl covers. Vinyl is heavier than plastic, and it is also sturdier. Though vinyl covers cost more, they are more durable and easier to use. Some vinyl solar covers also come with flexible insulation between vinyl layers to provide proper insulation.

However, solar covers do not just differ based on the material used. There are transparent and opaque solar covers, and the costs you can save from the use of these materials differ. For one thing, you can save more in heating costs using an opaque cover than a transparent one.

If you are looking for the best solar pool blanket, consider your pool type first.

Do you have an indoor or outdoor pool? Is it in ground or above ground?

The shape and size of your pool will also matter; you can buy a round, rectangular or oval cover based on the shape of your pool. You also have to choose what kind of pool cover you want depending on usage and budget.

Pool solar covers also come in automatic, semi-automatic, and manual types.

Manual models are ones which you need to manually pull to cover and remove. These are sometimes called passive solar covers. Semi-automatic ones come with a ready reel system with a motor so you can use electricity to use your pool solar cover. However, you still need to guide the movement of the cover into the reel. Automatic solar covers eliminate this need with a fully automatic function system which rolls and unrolls your cover with just one push of a button. Fully automatic systems, however, are also quite expensive, but are extremely convenient.

The best and most effective pool solar cover is the one that fits your pool best and provides the optimal level of protection for your pool depending on the environment of your pool. If you have an outdoor pool, the most effective type is the vinyl covers, which are more resilient and provide heavy duty protection. Indoor pools can use bubble covers because they are less vulnerable.

One example of an effective pool solar cover is the Magni-Clear Solar Blanket made for oval pools. The Magni-Clear solar pool cover can regulate pool temperature by shielding it from external factors. The solar cover also comes with air bubbles that provide insulation. This is one of the best solar pool blanket types for aboveground pools.

But during the winter, you’re going to need a different material to cover up your pool, especially if you have an outdoor pool. There are different winter pool covers available for in ground and aboveground pools dedicated specifically to covering your pool during the harsh winter months.
Aboveground winter pool covers shield your pool and keep it free from debris, leaves, and dirt during the winter season. If you are looking for the best above ground winter pool cover, you can check out the 12-feet triple-laminated winter cover from Splash pools made for round swimming pools. Available for only under $90, the winter cover is designed to withstand the harshness of the winter season to keep your pool well-protected. The winter pool cover has also been poly treated to make it resistant to UV to ensure its longevity.

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Ed May 30, 2010 at 2:26 am

These are only qualitative effectiveness, not enough info. to tell if the change in effectiveness is worth the difference in cost or difficulty to use. Also, this does not cover all of the types, what about the solar rings, or the chemical cover, or different types/shapes of bubbles or reflectivity of the bottom layer to heat?

Jennifer Patrick May 7, 2011 at 10:40 pm

I’m trying to purchase an 18 ft. round, above ground solar pool cover/blanket on a budget. However, I see many options from 8mm to 18mm and blue to clear to black. I’m assuming the thicker ones provide more insulation. Does the color matter or is it merely cosmetic? Thanks for any help!

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