Should You Leave Pool Solar Cover On During the Day?

A: There are several different answers to this question, with one of them being yes and one of them being no. However, it really depends on your solar cover for your pool and the weather. The solar cover on the pool helps to keep the water from evaporating.

Evaporation is the largest energy loss a pool can take therefore leaving the pool at cooler temperatures. The amount of evaporation is determined by several factors. These factors are wind speed, pool temperature, air temperature and the humidity in the air.

Also, with the solar cover on the pool you are preventing the amount of debris that will be accumulated in your pool. Leaves and dirt can be hazardous on your pool’s filter and pumping system. Therefore, the solar cover is good for other things other than just keeping your pool heated.

With the solar pool cover it really depends on the owner and what he or she wants from their pool. Therefore, there is no right or wrong answer for this particular question about solar covers during the day. The only thing to make sure you do is to apply the cover when night falls to keep in the heat for the following day.

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