How do You Know if the Pool Solar Heater is Broken?

If your pool is not staying warm then you might be thinking, how do you know if the pool solar heater is broken? The first and only indicator that your pools solar heater is not working is by the temperature of the water. If it’s not getting warm or staying warm, then something is wrong. There are a few ways to be able to know that your solar heater is getting ready to potentially break down, though. These problems are discussed below.

The first problem would be that the system is off but the pump is working. If the system cannot be overridden by manual operation, then there could be some damage in the wiring or the sensor could be bad. This would have to be taken care of by going into the control box and finding the bad wiring or sensors and replacing them.

If your pump is working but there is no pressure, you could just need to clean out the filter. This is the most common problem with decreases in pressure. If this does not work, you might have to check the seal that is in the strainer.

So if you are asking, how do you know if the pool solar heater is broken, then you now know that if it is not getting warm it needs some work. Whether it is because of the wiring, filter or sensors, fixing the problem will get your pool warmed up in no time.

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