How to Repair a Leaking Solar Pool Heater?

To first answer this question, you would need to know if the leak in the panel or the lines to the panel. If it is in the lines of the panel – it’s a quick and easy fix. Simply cut the line and remove any of the sharp edges. be careful as they can be very sharp. After you remove all the sharp edges you simply replace it. The lining of the panel is easy to purchase at any hardware stores. Be sure to look and see if it is made of PVC or Rubber. If it is one of those two you can simply replace it.

If the panel is leaking this is a little bit more difficult to fix and requires a little bit more work then just fixing the lines. If the panel is torn or removed you need to secure it as soon as possible. If one end is loose simply just secure the end. If both ends are secure then clean the repair with a fine wire or steel wool, then drill a small hole, and finally – fill it with a two part epoxy made for metal. The products can all be found at a local hardware store.

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Howard Marcovitch November 4, 2011 at 5:27 pm

It looks like some of the mat material pulled out of one of the manifolds during recent high winds. The wind pulled the straps loose and two of the panels were flapping in the wind. I resecured the straps but don’t know what I should do about the leak. I have a bit of buckeling whick allowed the wind to catch the panels in the first place. With the 20′ panels mounted horizontally is there a way to get the buckels out and still allow for expansion and contraction?

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