Review of the Aqua Klean Pool Filters

Aqua Klean filters for spas and pools have received some very mixed reviews from their users. Take a look below to learn more.

Technical Details

According to LA Spas, a Los Angeles area hot tub retailer, Aqua Klean is an innovative, economically efficient filtration system that costs only about half what a normal filter costs. It does not use a bypass, and filters approximately 150 gallons of water per minute. When a bypass is used, as much as 70% of the water can bypass the filtration system; an Aqua Klean filter forces all of the water through the filtration system, leaving the pool or hot tub much cleaner.

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Installation and Use

Installation, however, is where some of the problems for the Aqua Klean begins. Some customers have reported difficulties keeping the filters on the intake canisters. In essence, the Aqua Klean filters use bands – something like a fancy rubber band – to keep the filters onto the intake canisters. When these bands break or fall off, the filter also falls off. Damaged filters are expensive to replace, and even healthy Aqua Klean filters don’t last especially long. At $15 to $40 for each filter, replacing Aqua Klean filters gets quite expensive, quite quickly. Although resellers of Aqua Klean state that they will last for a year, don’t count on that estimate.


However, if tricky installation and short life span was the only problem the Aqua Klean filtration system faced, the product would still have enough “pros” to outweigh the “cons”. Maintenance of the Aqua Klean filter is where the system really breaks down.

Ironically, Aqua Klean is supposed to solve the problem of filter maintenance. With just a little bleach, the filter can be placed into the washing machine on the gentle cycle and easily cleaned. That is, it can be easily cleaned in theory. In practice, many consumers find the maintenance aspect of these filters too much. For example, in the first two weeks of the filter’s life, it should be run through the washing machine at least every other day. After that, the filter should be cleaned once per week. Many consumers find this amount of maintenance to be too excessive for a simple filter.

The Bottom Line

Unfortunately for LA Spas and Aqua Klean, the filters do not receive many glowing reviews from customers. Many complain that the filters are more difficult to maintain than they were told, and others find that the durability leaves much to be desired.

On the other hand, some customers say that throwing a filter into a washing machine is really not much to ask, and that on the whole they like the Aqua Klean filters better than other filters they have tried.

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