Review of the Calsplash Pool Filter Pumps

Calsplash is a California company that is an authorized dealer of swimming pool products from Intex, Heritage Pools, and Summer Escapes. They sell several different pool filter pumps through their own website and through other online venues, such as

calsplash pool filter pump

Technical Details

A pool stays clean and usable in dependence upon a good pump and filter. Big public pools use complex pool and filter systems, but small pools at home can use a filter pump, which combines the filter and pump features into one easy-to-use unit. Calsplash sells several of these pool filter pumps, manufactured by various companies.

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Installation and Use

All of the pool filter pumps that Calsplash sells are remarkably easy to use. Unlike complex pool pump and filter systems, these pumps basically work by plugging in a hose and then turning it on.

The important point in choosing a pool pump is to decide on the right size. Calsplash’s pool pumps range in size from 530 gallon pools to 4000 gallon pools. Based on customer reviews of these products, it is a good idea to get a pump that is a little bit larger than what you think you actually need.


Most of the filter pumps sold by Calsplash have flush valves that allow for easy emptying of accumulated sediment and dirt at the bottom of the filter cartridge chamber. When users empty the sediment on a regular basis and change the filter cartridge per the manufacturer’s instructions, the lifespan of the pump filter will be greatly increased. Most models also include a release valve for any trapped air.


The pool filter pump models sold by Calsplash include Intex, Summer Escapes, and Heritage. Each pump brand is available in different sizes, with different features and different horsepower, as well. Speak to a Calsplash representative to find out how to choose the right size for your pool.

The Bottom Line

The Summer Escapes pool filter pumps receive mixed reviews from their users. Some complain that the pumps are simply poorly designed and break easily; on the other hand, other owners of the Summer Escapes pool filter pumps were quite pleased with their purchase.

The Intex pool filter pumps receive more consistent praise; the only significant complaint is its tendency to leak. As for Heritage, customers are generally luke-warm towards the product, with very few rave reviews. Overall, it seems that if you decide to purchase a pool filter pump from Calsplash, Intex should be your first choice.

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Mike July 3, 2010 at 2:34 pm

Can an Intex pump work on a Summer Escapes pool. My pool currently uses the Summer Escapes RP800 and I was looking to upgrade to the Intex 1500 gph. I have quick set ring pool from Summer Escapes which has a 2000 gallon capacity (13 x 36). Thanks for your help.

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