Review of the Fafco Inground Solar Pool Heaters

fafco SunSaver System solar heaterFAFCO is the oldest manufacturer of solar heating products in the United States. Established in 1969, FAFCO has been making solar pool heaters for longer than any other solar pool heater company, meaning that their products are some of the best on the market.

For in-ground pool heating, FAFCO offers three unique products: SunSaver, Revolution, and SunSaver ST.

SunSaver System

The SunSaver solar pool heater system is similar to other systems in that it uses carbon black technology to absorb the sunlight. Using your pool’s existing pump, cold water is pumped through tubes that are heated by the sun, then returned into your pool. Unlike its competitors, however, the SunSaver “solar panel” has almost twice as many of these tubes, allowing it to heat more water, faster. Also unlike its competitors (most notably SunHeater), the SunSaver panels are made from UV resistant polyolefin, making them far more durable than those of other companies.

As if the higher-quality materials weren’t enough, FAFCO also backs SunSaver with a 12-year warranty. Expect SunSaver to increase the heat in your in-ground pool by at least 10 degrees Fahrenheit.

fafco revolution solar heating system

Revolution System

The Florida Solar Energy Center has given FAFCO’s Revolution Solar Panel the highest thermal performance rating in the industry. Like the SunSaver, Revolution accomplishes more heat by using more tubes, made from their UV-resistant polyolefin.

Manufactured in Chico, CA, the Revolution uses a circular channel design with dimpled tubes. The dimples force the water to flow in a spiral fashion, thus exposing every water molecule to the warmth of the sun. Besides heating pools, FAFCO is experimenting with other applications for the Revolution, including agriculture and heat pumps.

SunSaver ST System

The new SunSaver ST is something of a blend between the Revolution and the original SunSaver. Using parallel, circular channels, the SunSaver ST is unique amongst solar pool heaters because its tubes are actually separated instead of all together. This design allows for a greater portion of the tube to absorb sunlight. Like the other FAFCO products, the SunSaver ST is made with UV-resistant polyolefin.

The Bottom Line

FAFCO is in the solar heat industry to stay. With years more experience than other manufacturers, their products have withstood the test of time. All three solar pool heater systems mentioned above provide good value for in-ground pools and produce the 10 degree or higher temperature raise that customers expect.

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