Review of the Intex Pool Pumps and Filters

intex pool filter pump

Intex designs everything from above ground pools to swim gear and air mattresses, and quite a few other things in between. Their filter pumps, like their other products, are generally well-received by consumers, but there are a few exceptions.

Technical Details

Intex makes three pool filter pump combos – the 2,500 gallon per hour filter pump, the 2,000 gallon per hour filter pump for saltwater systems, and the 4,000 gallon per hour filter pump. Each of them work with Intex pools and other pools as water filtration and sanitation systems. Overall, it seems that most customers prefer the larger, 4,000 gallon per hour model for its higher capacity and efficiency.

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Installation and Use

With a novel-sized installation manual and a large number of attachments, one might think that the Intex filter pumps are quite difficult to put together and use. However, it is actually surprisingly easy to set up. One note is that the Intex filter pumps are sized perfectly for Intex pools, but not all pools are the same exact sizes. Therefore, if you don’t have an Intex pool but choose an Intex filter pump system, you might consider working with your local pool equipment store to determine how to size your filter pump. Programming the pump can also be a bit of a pain if you’re not particularly tech-savvy.


One of the advantages to the Intex filter pump systems is that the filters don’t generally require the purchase of additional chemicals, such as pH balancer, chlorine, etc. In just one package, all of these chemicals are included.

Intex also has a decent reputation for customer service; one customer stated that a short, five minute phone call with friendly, helpful reps was all it took to replace the filter-pump that seemed to be breaking after only six months. Only four days after the initial phone call, the customer reported receiving a brand new, working pump.


As aforementioned, the Intex filter pump systems come in 2,500 gph, 4,000 gph, and 2,000 gph (for saltwater) speeds.

The Bottom Line

Most reviews for Intex filter pumps are quite positive. In general, customers report that the product works as advertised and runs quietly.

However, not all customers have glowing reviews to offer to Intex. Common complaints include Intex products that break down sooner than expected. One oft-repeated comment is that the pump loses significant water pressure after only a few months. Other complaints surround the vacuum function, stating that the suction is not strong enough to keep the pool clean.

In all, Intex filter pumps offer an economical choice for pool filtration and cleaning, but it is safe to say that it is not the most reliable brand on the market today.

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trish loveless June 29, 2011 at 2:19 pm

The filter just doesn’t have enough pull, it won’t suck as hard, as for instwance, on the pool, cd, I can’t get the vacumn do help at all, And this is the second year I’ve had the 20′x4′, I have tried everything but the pump just doestn’t have the power to do the job!

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