Review of the Peter Palm’s DIY Solar Pool Heater

peter palm solar heaterLike SunHeater, EZ Heat, and AquaQuik, Peter Palm’s solar pool heater is a DIY solar pool heater designed to raise your pool’s temperature by around 10 to 15 degrees Fahrenheit in three days or less. With a promise of raising the temperature in three days, it is a little faster than other DIY products on the market, which tend to take closer to 7 – 10 days to heat the pool.

Peter Palm’s solar heater technology is not unique. It uses your existing pool pump to pump cold water into black, rubbery solar collector panels. The sun heats the water in the tubes, then the pump returns the water into the pool. During the fall and winter months, the solar collectors can be rolled up and stored until the swimming season begins again.

Technical Details

The Peter Palm’s solar heating system is sold by the kit. Each kit includes two 2′ x 20′ solar panel collectors. When two or more kits are purchased, Peter Palm’s includes a connector kit to link the units together. The entire kit weighs only fifteen pounds. The basic above-ground kit, complete with by-pass valve, mounting hardware, and two 6′ hoses and clamps, costs around $250.

The comparable in-ground kit is closer to $360. These price tags are a little bit more expensive than similar solar heater products that do essentially the same job, but they are still well within reason.

Heating even a relatively small, 15,000 gallon in-ground pool will require at least two collectors. Large pools will require as many as four collectors. For above-ground pools, you can use just one collector for a pool that’s up to 24′ round.

The Bottom Line

Peter Palm’s solar pool heater is not remarkable: it definitely does the job, but is not particularly superior to any other system. If anything, Peter Palm’s is a little more expensive than most other DIY solar pool heaters. Although Peter Palm’s works faster and raises the temperature a tiny bit higher than other systems, it’s up to you to determine if the higher price tag on Peter Palm’s is really worth it.

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