Review of the Pleatco Pool Filter Cartridge

If you’ve ever used or seen a Brita water pitcher filter, you’ll understand the basics behind a pool cartridge filter. A pool cartridge filter essentially filters out the gunk from your pool by pumping water through the filter, which is a series of pleated bands designed to catch even very small particles. Though cartridge filters are not as efficient as sand and DE filters, they are much cheaper and require less maintenance. Here’s a look at one of these pool cartridge filter manufacturers: Pleatco.

Technical Details

Pleatco has been making pool cartridge filters for nearly forty years, so they are no newcomer. Offering over five hundred different models of pool filter cartridges, Pleatco makes cartridges for every type of pool. The Pleatco cartridge filters do have some unique features, including end caps that resist corrosion by pool chemicals, and special technology that filters even bacteria. The filter itself is a spun bonded polyester material.

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Installation and Use

Generally speaking, pool cartridge filters are easy to install and easy to use; they are the pool equivalent of “plug and play”. The only challenge to installing a Pleatco cartridge filter is choosing the right filter for your pool. With so many cartridges to choose from, you’ll want to be careful you choose the right filter that matches your type of spa or pool.


One of the advantages of cartridge filters is that they are very low-maintenance compared to sand and DE filters. One thing to keep in mind is that cartridge filters require less pressure from a pump than a sand or DE filter, so if you have a particularly strong pool pump, you might want to double check that a cartridge filter is compatible with your existing set-up.

Pleatco cartridge filters need to be hosed off once or twice per season. Other than that, there is very little maintenance required.


To find out what models of cartridge filters Pleatco offers, the best thing to do is to visit their website and download their extensive catalog. The catalog lists the different pool and spa manufacturers, then lists the Pleatco product number that best fits with that particular pool or spa. This makes it easy to determine which model of cartridge filter you’ll need for your pool.

The Bottom Line

Overall, Pleatco’s cartridge filters are solid products. They are well-designed, long-lasting, and do the job they are meant to do. Pleatco receives good reviews from consumers and very few complaints; in other words, if your pool uses a cartridge filter, a Pleatco product will serve you well.

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