Review of Swimming Pool Solar Heating Rings – Do They Work ? UK

Using solar pool rings is a cheaper alternative to heating your pool and reducing energy loss caused by evaporation. Solar pool rings are light and clear inflatable disks that are placed on the pool as a cover. Basically, they work like solar pool covers, but they can be disassembled for easier usage and storage. Solar pool rings, in fact, are known to be more effective than bubble pool blankets.

swimming pool solar rings
Solar rings are just as effective as solar pool covers. A single ring can save up to 21,000 BTU of heat on a daily basis. Some brands offers rings that have magnetized edges that allow them to connect to one another; this also means they are easy to disassemble and remove. Unlike solar pool covers, solar rings do not require the setup of complicated mechanisms such as a reel system.

If you have recently gotten yourself a set of solar pool rings, the first thing you have to do is to unpack them and lay them out under the sun for around half an hour. Solar rings are often packed tight in boxes, so when you first unpack them, they will be pressed tight and may have lines.

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How to Make Solar Pool Rings

Then take the outer ring and start inflating. You don’t have to fully inflate them; just put in enough air to hold the shape of the ring. Around four or five breaths would be enough. Once you’re done with the outer ring, move on to the inner rings, but lightly than the outer rings. Some users also inflate the outer ring fully, then keep the inner rings very lightly inflated. Two breaths will do.

To ensure the effectiveness of the solar rings, make sure that the air is evenly distributed inside them. Once you’re done inflating the rings, scrunch them together tightly to even out the air distribution within. Examine the rings after doing so. You can let out some air through the deflation tube if there is excess air inside the ring. After that, your rings are now ready for action.

Solar rings are easier to use because you can just place them onto the water. The blue sides should be placed facing down when heating the pool. If you want to cool up the water a bit, just turn the rings over. While floating around, the rings will attach together on their own due to the magnet in the edges. Leave the rings for a couple of days to allow them to settle; just make sure to check on them every once in a while. If you see any problems, such as when the rings are not lying flat, take the rings and scrunch them together. This usually happens when the air inside is not evenly distributed.

The number of solar sun rings you need will depend on the size of your pool. Most solar pool rings are around 59 inches in diameter. Buy enough rings to cover around 80% of your pool for best results.

Solar pool rings are also easier to store than solar pool covers. When you place them on top of one another, they take up less space, and some brands even have eyelets so you can hang them up. Hanging them is a more preferable way to store them but make sure not to put them in the range of direct sunlight because they will continue to generate heat and will be prone to overheating.

From time to time, wash the solar rings with mild soap to keep it clean. Just make sure to avoid grazing them against abrasive surfaces, and do not walk on the rings. If you take care of your solar pool rings properly, they can last for around 5 years.

Shop for Deals on Solar Sun Rings – 5 Pack

Shop for Deals on Solar Sun Rings

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