Pool Solar Covers Installation Guide and Solar Pool Cover Instructions

Pool covers are convenient, easy-to-use cover ups that go a long way in protecting your pool from leaves, dirt, debris, and anything else other than fresh and clean water you can jump into anytime. Installing a pool cover is easy, so it won’t take much effort for you to keep your pool water clean.

If you’re wondering how to put on a solar cover for a pool, this is your guide to doing just that.

To begin, you need to drain the pool to a foot below its surface and mix in all the necessary chemicals. Then take your pool cover and lay it out on top of the swimming pool. Most pool covers come with tools that you will use to secure the cover on top of the pool; these tools are attached to the loops at the ends of the cover. Usually, water bags are used for this purpose.

To fit a solar pool cover properly, make sure to press it against the sides of the pool; make sure it fits in securely without allowing wind to enter. To hold the cover down, spray water on it. Before leaving your pool, double-check if all edges are securely fitted to the pool.

Now, when swimming season comes around, you will need to open your pool, which means you need to remove the pool cover. But doing this is a much more complicated process than installing the cover since you need to remove it without getting the water and dirt on top of it into the pool.

To remove pool cover, you first need to remove the water from it. Take a submergible pump and put it on the area of the pool cover with the most amount of water and allow the pump to take in the water. Water is not the only thing that the pool cover protects the pool from; you also have leaves and debris to worry about. The pump can also remove these, but you will have to remove them from the pump as well. This process can take a long time.

If the leaves and debris are more than the water in quantity, get a skimmer pole to be able to remove them more easily. Once you get rid of the leaves and debris, you will see that there is still some water left on the cover, so you need to repeat the first step.

Repeat both steps until the pool cover is clean enough then remove the cover. This would take more than one person, so entail the help of a family member or friend for assistance. Once the cover is removed, lay it open on the yard and clean it completely using a hose. Allow it to dry before folding it up.

You can add talcum powder for better maintenance and make sure that you put in a safe, cool, and dry spot. Delayed moisture can cause the material of the pool covers to deteriorate, and this will shorten the life span of your pool cover.

Your solar pool cover can last for years and can bring you through countless seasons. However, the durability of your pool cover is partially up to you.

You can protect your pool cover from early damage by using them only when necessary. Solar cover are used during the swimming seasons; you can roll it up when you want to swim, then roll it back out when you are done. Solar pool covers should be removed and kept in storage during the winter months and replaced by a winter pool cover, which is built specifically to withstand the ravages of the winter weather.

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me May 28, 2011 at 9:10 am

does the bubbles face up or down?

me May 28, 2011 at 9:13 am

the reason i ask is because when removeing the cover it naturally drags the side wanting to tear the bubbles, especially when they age a little.

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