Should You Turn the Solar Off When Starting Your Pool Pump?

Yes you should. You should always turn off the solar while starting your pool pump. You may be wondering – why? Well, this is to simply make sure no damage is caused to the solar and just because it doesn’t need to be on when you are starting the pool pump.

Extra and important information: Remember the pool pump needs to run long enough each day to filter all of the water in the pool at least once a day. Twice is even better to remove all the dirt and etc.

Three times or more is simply just wasting electricity. Be sure that you are keeping up with the care of the pool and be sure if there is something wrong to check it out immediately as it can be something serious and end up costing you a lot of money.

If you feel that the pool pump is not running properly and it’s just not working you need to check everything. From the heater, the breaks, the switches, everything. You can turn on the solar after you are done pumping the pool but until then just turn it off as a extra precaution.

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