Winter Pool Covers Review

Finding the right winter pool cover for your pool is an essential step in preparing your pool for the winter months. What should you look for in a winter pool cover, and what types of winter pool covers are available? Here’s a look at some of the various pool covers currently on the market.

Technical Details
Winter pool covers are designed to protect your pool from excessive evaporation, prevent debris from accumulating in your pool while it’s not in use, and thereby prevent damage to the pool’s filtration system. If you live in a climate where leaves fall, snow is likely, or your pool needs to be winterized in any way, then you definitely need a winter pool cover.

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As an example of winter pool covers, Inyo Pool’s Arctic Armor pool covers are warrantied for eight to twenty years and are woven so tightly that light cannot pass through. This means that your pool will not breed algae during the winter, making getting the pool ready for summertime a cinch.

winter pool cover
Installation and Maintenance
Pool covers need to be properly sized to your pool. If they are too small or too large, they may not work very efficiently to protect your pool.

Furthermore, while the pool cover maintains your pool, you must maintain the pool cover. If it snows or ices on top of the cover, you’ll need to pump off the meltwater to prevent the pool cover from sagging into the pool. Don’t try to remove ice while it’s still frozen; if you drop it, it might gash the cover. Nevertheless, if you live in a windy area, you’ll want to keep about an inch of water on top of the cover to prevent wind damage.

Available Models
The pool equipment reseller Inyo Pools provides Bronze, Silver, and Gold Arctic Armor models. The Bronze comes with an eight year warranty; the Silver with a fifteen year warranty; and the Gold has a twenty year warranty.

Pros and Cons
Don’t be fooled into buying a winter pool cover that you don’t need. Different climates call for different types of pool covers, so investigate the various pool covers available and which climate they are built for before deciding which winter pool cover to purchase.

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