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Review of the Heliocol ‘s Sundance – Solar Pool Heater

SunDance Energy Services, Inc., has been in business for over twenty-five years installing a variety of energy-efficient gas and solar products. A Washington state vendor, SunDance serves king, Snohomish, and Skagit Counties. The solar pool heater SunDance installs for its customers is the Heliocol, which operates in basically the same way as other solar pool heaters. In other words, the Helicol uses the existing pool pump to pump cold pool water through a series of sun collectors, then passes the warmed water back into the pool.

Reliability and Aesthetics of the Heliocol

Backed by a ten year warranty, the Heliocol uses an over-molded tube design to eliminate welds and allow the solar collectors to easily expand and contract. The panels are also resistant to pool chemicals, preventing corrosion of the tubes, as well as extreme hot or cold temperatures.

Many consumers also appreciate the way the Heliocol looks. Unlike unsightly competitors’ panels, the Heliocol has no visible mounting hardware, no gaps between the collectors, no hoses, and no hose clamps.

Reliability from Both Heliocol and SunDance

The Heliocol is backed by a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty, with around-the-clock labor and service provided by SunDance. As a certified dealer of Heliocol solar pool heaters, SunDance installers and technicians have the training and experience to handle almost anything that goes wrong with the Heliocol – that is, if anything ever happens to the Heliocol. Some Heliocol customers testify that the system has been running flawlessly for them for over ten years without any service required.

Heliocol doesn’t only work in residential applications. One of its more famous commercial customers is the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas. A huge Heliocol system covers the roof of the Venetian, keeping everything from the pools to the domestic hot water and spas hot. Even in January, the Heliocol was able to provide the Venetian with most of its hot water needs. Imagine the savings when a hotel the size of the Venetian doesn’t need to pay for hot water!

The Bottom Line

For residents of the counties in Washington state mentioned above, SunDance is a reliable vendor that installs and maintains a reliable product. Both SunDance and Heliocol have years of experience in solar pool heaters, and this experience definitely benefits their customers.

Although hiring SunDance to install a more expensive system like the Heliocol will cost customers more than a cheap, DIY system like SunHeater, the investment will pay for itself within a few years. Customers shouldn’t expect to have to replace or repair their Heliocol system for many years, and neither will they be disappointed with the performance of the Heliocol. In sum, SunDance and Heliocol are recommended brands for Washington residents.

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