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Best Solar Pool Cover

What is the Top Solar Heating Cover for Swimming Pools?

Regardless of whether your swimming pool is found outdoors or indoors, it is bound to lose some energy as a result of evaporation. That also means that the water levels will go down significantly.

Strictly speaking, you will need some ‘make-up’ amount of water for replacement.

But did you know that there are solutions you could employ to prevent such unnecessary problems? Using a pool cover will help you by far. In simple terms, a pool cover is just a type of plastic.

Buy we are not saying that you can use any type of plastic to serve the same purpose. While it can capture some vapor, it might not turn out to be exactly what you want. 

You have to consider their ability to survive the harsh UV rays, how easy they are to handle, as well as their durability.

That said, there are different types of pool covers that you can get in the market. They include solar or bubble covers, vinyl covers, among others. This article focuses on solar pool covers.

Spotting the best solar pool cover may be a nerve-wracking task given the millions of options out there. Here are our top picks.

1. In The Swim

For a quality product, this is worth giving a shot. In the swim is a 12 millimeters pool cover. It’s thick enough to ensure that most of the heat remains locked, and that your pool does not lose too much energy or water.

The process is made much easier thanks to the resin used to design the product as it is adapted to survive the UV rays. Also, some trapped bubbles of air help in retaining the vapor.

Perhaps, you are wondering how that works. The solar cover traps the heat from the sun and then conveys the same to your swimming pool water. Consequently, it prevents the heat from escaping in the form of vapor, minimizing on energy and water loss.

Moving on, it is important to mention that the pool cover is adjustable. In this context, it simply means that it can be cut to suit the size and shape of your swimming pool.

Besides, it comes with a 7 years long warranty duration.


  • Comes with a product warranty
  • It is 12 millimeters thick
  • Can work in any prevailing weather condition


  • It is a bit pricey
  • Does not have the best appearance

2. Sun2Solar 20*40’

In the second place, we have the Sun2Solar pool cover. Just like our first pick, this one has numerous bubbles of air which help in trapping and conserving heat whether from the sun or otherwise.

This ensures that when you are not using your swimming pool, water levels remain balanced and you do not have to do the re-filling or wasting a lot of chemicals to balance the levels.

Now, there are people who prefer to buy a pool cover that will help with heat retention while not sacrificing the looks. If you fall within that category, this will be an excellent purchase.

It comes in an eye-catching blue color that will serve you right.

Also, it is not uncommon to find swimming pools that are of different sizes or maybe shapes. What that means is that there can be no universal one-type-fits-all kind of pool cover.

To take care of those unforeseen technicalities, Sun2Solar has some allowance in the size such that you can cut it to get the perfect model for your swimming pool.


  • The color is attractive
  • It can be cut down to fit your pool
  • Comes in multiple thickness options


  • Short-time warranty
  • Heavy designs can be difficult to handle

3. Blue Wave NS520

To begin with, this cover boasts a dimension of 16 by 32 feet. It is meant for rectangular swimming pools so you might want to jump to the next if you have a circular shaped one. Blue wave can be used both during the day and at night.

It is filled with bubbles of air to help in absorbing heat that would otherwise get wasted and then conveys it to the pool water. Also, it subsequently prevents the water vapor from escaping into the atmosphere.

As a plus, the pool cover has been specially designed such that it can survive UV rays for years on end. The fact that it is made from a clear material makes it even better at heat absorption.

Notably, this product is 14 millimeters thick to maximize on vapor retention.

It also comes with a 6 years long warranty, an assurance that it is one of the best quality covers you can find in the market.


  • It is highly durable
  • Comes with a 6 years warranty
  • Good at energy conservation


  • It can be bulky
  • The cover often sinks

4. Splash 

Finally, here is some good tidings for people who own round or circular pools. Splash is a 30 feet circular pool cover that was designed just for you. 

Like most of the covers we have already looked at, this one is meant to trap energy from the sun and transform the same to your pool’s water. Thus, the temperature of the water increases.

Thanks to the resin and air bubbles, the rate of water loss through evaporation is minimized by a great percentage.

Besides, splash will also help to stop dirt and small stones from getting into your swimming pool when you are not using it. This is thanks to its design which has no drainage openings. 

As a result, it also reduces the amount of time you would otherwise need to do regular cleaning. It also cuts on the amount of chemicals that you would use to re-balance the water and related things.

However, you might want to exercise caution when dealing with the pool cover, since it can be destroyed pretty quickly.


  • High performance cover
  • Minimizes loss of heat
  • Prevents evaporation


  • Cannot be trimmed
  • Needs to be handles with caution

5. Sun2Solar 28’

In the fifth place is yet another pick from Sun2Solar products, a reputable pool cover manufacturing company. Unlike the first pick, this one is 28 feet in dimension.

You will be pleased to know that Sun2Solar 28’ comes in a variety of colors to suit your preference.

As far as those colors are concerned, it comes in either clear or dark blue color options. The clear colored pool cover is awesome when it comes to harvesting heat from the sun.

It transforms the same to your swimming pool water and heats it up. On the other hand, the blue colored pool cover is great when it comes to heat retention. 

Besides, the model also comes in a number of sizes such that you can go for one that best matches the size of your pool. The only difference is that you will have to fork out much more money for large-sized pool covers. 

The covers have an allowance for trimming, so you don’t have to worry if you buy one that does not fit your pool.


  • Can be trimmed
  • Comes in a variety of sizes and colors
  • Minimizes on evaporation


  • Can be trimmed
  • Comes in a variety of sizes and colors
  • Minimizes on evaporation

6. Sun2Solar 20*40’

Yet again, Sun2Solar features in our top ten list. This is a rectangular shaped solar pool cover, which is 20 feet by 40 feet in dimension. It is meant for your large rectangular swimming pool.

The model comes in different sizes so you don’t have to worry. Just measure your pool and find its dimensions. You always have the chance to choose from the wide array of options available.

The company also offers you covers of different thickness in case you want one that is much excellent in vapor or heat retention. You can choose between the 800 version and the 1200 model.

What is more is that it also features 2 different color options. There is the clear one which is a go-to option for people who want covers that are great at absorbing heat energy. Also, there is the blue version that2 suits those who want a heat retaining pool cover.

Sun2Solar 20 by 40 comes with a product warranty so you can always get a replacement if you are not satisfied with the performance.


  • Different color options
  • Wide range of sizes
  • Different thickness options


  • The warranty is limited
  • Heavier designs are cumbersome

7. Harris

This product from Harris is rectangular in shape and measures 16 feet by 32 feet. It is an excellent option to minimize on the bills that you might spend heating up your pool while also reducing water loss.

As you would expect, the product works by harnessing the energy from the sun and directing it into your swimming pool’s water. Likewise, the thickness helps to prevent vapor resulting from evaporation from escaping into the atmosphere.

Harris comes in a blue color that is excellent in the retention of heat for the best overall result. There is also the clear option that maximizes on heat absorption. 

Further, you will be pleased to know that this product is of high quality. Since buying a pool cover is a life-long investment, this is a plus. You won’t have to get replacements time and again. 

It is easy to set up and use Harris pool cover. No technical knowledge is needed, so it can be used by a person with any level of experience.


  • Quickly heats up
  • It is relatively cheap
  • It is excellent at heat retention


  • It is not UV-protected
  • The advertised quality might not be what you receive

8. Thermo-Tex 12*24’

Thermo-Tex is a quality product that will stand the test of time. Unlike most sub-standard products, you can be sure that this one will withstand the wear and tear it might be exposed to.

Partly, this is because it has been perfectly crafted out of a special polyethylene that is UV-preserved for better performance. 

It is also made from a lightweight plastic material so handling it (that is pulling it either on or off) will not be as difficult. Neither will the storage be a tedious task on your end. 

If you often have problems getting into your swimming pool on those cold days and months, Thermo-Tex will step in. Just pull it over your pool when you are not using it so that it can trap enough heat to warm up the water.

The package comes with a product warranty that will last for three years. If you develop problems with your pool cover during this period, you can always get a replacement from the manufacturers.


  • It is light thus easy to handle
  • Comes with a warranty
  • Made from quality plastic materials


  • Has a fixed size
  • Not available for other pool shapes

9. Midwest Canvas 

For an attractive solar pool cover that still has unparalleled performance, Midwest Canvas Space Age seems to be your knight in shining armors. The product features a combo of blue and silver colors. 

The blue one plays a crucial role in capturing heat from the sun and transferring it into your swimming pool’s water. The cover in its entirety then prevents the heat loss and also attempts to retain the water levels.

On the flip side, the silver color plays a different role when it comes to heat retention and generation. It functions by reflecting off the heat that has been absorbed by the surfaces. This is directed into the pool cover.

In turn, it helps in keeping the water warm in low-temperature conditions.

Dimensions are of essence whenever you are trying to get a pool cover. This one measures 18 feet by 40 feet, so make sure it can fit your pool before purchasing it.

Finally, it is also good to mention that Midwest Canvas is made from a material that is protected against ultra violet rays. Hence, it will not be easily destroyed by the harsh rays.


  • It is easy to deal with
  • Great heat retention
  • Perfect heat absorption


  • May sustain some holes
  • Is a bit thin

10. Thermo-Tex 18’

Our final pick is from Thermo-Tex products, an 18 by 18 inches solar pool cover. Although it is our last pick, it does not mean that it is less effective in discharging its functions.

The product boasts of being made from a UV-protected plastic material. Thus, there is no doubt left as to its ability to withstand the wear and tear resulting from sun rays. This feature also prevents leakage of chemicals into your water.

We also bring to your attention the fact that the material used to design the cover is lightweight. You will have an easy time pulling on the cover or taking it off, unlike if it were made from a heavy material where you would need help.

The blue color featured is perfect at retaining heat and is also attractive.

Plus, it comes with a warranty duration lasting up to 3 years. In the event that it stops being functional within that time, you will be lucky to get yourself an alternative.


  • Made from a UV-protected material
  • Comes with a warranty
  • It’s lightweight


  • Comes in a fixed size
  • Features less reviews

Factors to watch out for before buying a pool cover

Now that we have already listed some of the best pool covers that are available in the market, we want to take you through some of the factors that come into play when you are purchasing one.

Obviously, it might still be challenging to settle for one product from the 10 above, the main reason being you don’t know which ones best suits your pool. That is to say that your knowledge is incomplete until you have gone through this section.

So what are those factors? You will not just walk into a shop and ask for Thermo-Tex or Sun2Solar. You have to consider the shape of your swimming pool. Is it rectangular or circular?

Also, look at the durability of the cover, its weight, color, thickness, and warranty.


Needless to say, swimming pools are made in different shapes. We have the rectangular-shaped ones, circular ones, and others. Thus, you ought to go for a pool cover that is made in the same shape as your pool.

That is the universal rule of thumb.


Another aspect that goes in tandem with the shape of the pool is its size. You want to ensure that the pool cover perfectly covers every inch of the swimming pool for maximum performance.

Failure might result in leakage of heat or vapor into the atmosphere, hence inefficiency. The size of the pool cover is the most important aspect to watch out for. 

The first step should be measuring your pool’s dimension. You can repeat the process just to be sure. In case the cover is too big, you can always trim it down to correspond to those dimensions.

Just ensure that it is not small. 


After the size and shape, the other aspect that you want to check is the product warranty. All products are bound to experience some wear and tear during the course of their use. Or rather, they may be delivered to you in a bad condition.

What do you do with such products? In the absence of a warranty, you may be condemned into setting it apart and going for a new pool cover or even repair it. That means fishing out a couple more dollars.

A warranty will take care of such problems provided they arise when the duration has not expired.


Besides the appearance of your swimming pool, the color of your pool cover plays an important role when it comes to heat absorption and maintenance. There are 3 main colors that you are likely to come across.

We have the clear covers that are good at absorbing the heat energy from the sun. We then have the dark-blue colored ones that are excellent in retaining the already trapped heat transferred to the water.

Finally, we have those that bear a light blue shade. These ones fall in the middle. They strike a balance between the rate of heat absorption and retaining. 

However, you might also come across combinations such as blue and silver. The silver part helps in reflecting heat that has been absorbed by the pool’s surface back into the pool cover and into the water.

Therefore, you have to weigh your options and decide which color you want for your pool.


The thicker the pool cover is, the better it will be in retaining heat and preventing escape of vapor into the atmosphere. 

You should however be warned of the downside as thicker covers tend to be more bulky. Thus, handling them may be a tedious task. You don’t want to buy a cover that you will end up keeping away because they are cumbersome to use.


Saving on the costs of keeping your pool’s water warm is an idea that best resonates with any swimming pool owner. The simple way of achieving that is by using a solar pool cover.

However, the cover is not restricted to such a function. Besides capturing the heat energy from the sun and conveying the same to the water, it also goes out of the way to maintain the water levels.

Simply, it prevents the water from evaporating and escaping into the atmosphere. It will also prevent dirt from getting into your pool when you are not using it. 

Looking for the best solar pool cover? We recommend the ‘In The Swim’ product. The pool cover is 12 millimeters in thickness. This is a good pick to see to it that the heat from the sun remains locked in, and that the water does not lose its energy.

The model is also made from UV-protected plastic material that improves its durability. This also ensures that there are no chemicals leaking into your pool’s water.

Since each pool has its unique shape and size, this product can be trimmed to your pool’s peculiar dimensions.

Grab In The Swim today and cut on your costs!

In the Swim is a pool supply company that sells its items primarily online, through its own website and places such as In addition to selling pool chemicals, pool lines, and pool equipment, In the Swim produces a line of solar pool covers that are generally well-received by its customers. Here’s a closer look.

Technical Details

In the Swim solar blankets come in a variety of thicknesses and sizes. The thinnest solar blanket is a 5-mil blanket, which ranges in size from a 12′ round pool to 30′ x 60′ rectangular pool. The thickest solar blanket is a 16

Each solar pool cover is designed to raise the water temperature of the pool by both capturing natural light and by insulating the pool, preventing existing heat from escaping. Unfortunately, In the Swim’s website doesn’t provide specific temperature-raising facts for each pool blanket. Despite the significant difference in thickness between a 5-mil cover and a 16-mil cover, both products’ pages claim a 10 to 15 degree temperature increase.

Installation and Sizing

One benefit of the In the Swim solar pool cover products is the wide range of sizes. Regardless of the size or shape of your pool, you should be able to find a pool cover that matches. Reels must be purchased separately.


The only complaint from owners of In the Swim solar pool covers is that the solar bubbles tend to shed after a few years of use. This is a fairly normal complaint about solar pool covers in general. Although they are built to absorb sunlight, the sun also wears them out over time. Some customers report that the thinner solar pool covers are more likely to tear and wear out more rapidly than the thicker covers.


As previously mentioned, the solar pool covers by In the Swim differ mostly only in size and thickness. Thicknesses available include: 5-mil, 8-mil, 12-mil, and 16-mil. The two thinner blankets come with a three-year warranty; the two thicker blankets come with a 7-year warranty.

The Bottom Line

Overall, In the Swim’s solar pool covers are well-received by their customers. Most online reviews for the products are positive. The pros listed by users include the relatively inexpensive price, along with the effectiveness of the product to raise pool temperature.

The negative reviews generally center around two complaints: the longevity of the pool cover and the ease of use. For longevity, more than one customer complained that the pool cover began to break down after a few years of use. As for ease of use, several customers report handling the cover to be awkward.

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