Swiming Pool Solar Covers Review and Solar Pool Cover Ratings

In the Swim is a pool supply company that sells its items primarily online, through its own website and places such as Amazon.com. In addition to selling pool chemicals, pool lines, and pool equipment, In the Swim produces a line of solar pool covers that are generally well-received by its customers. Here’s a closer look.

Technical Details

In the Swim solar blankets come in a variety of thicknesses and sizes. The thinnest solar blanket is a 5-mil blanket, which ranges in size from a 12′ round pool to 30′ x 60′ rectangular pool. The thickest solar blanket is a 16-mil blanket, which also fits anything from a 12′ round pool to a 30′ x 60′ rectangular pool.

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Each solar pool cover is designed to raise the water temperature of the pool by both capturing natural light and by insulating the pool, preventing existing heat from escaping. Unfortunately, In the Swim’s website doesn’t provide specific temperature-raising facts for each pool blanket. Despite the significant difference in thickness between a 5-mil cover and a 16-mil cover, both products’ pages claim a 10 to 15 degree temperature increase.

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solar pool blanket

Pool solar blankets, also called solar pool covers, are the most affordable products in the world of swimming pool cover-ups. Solar pool blankets can keep your pool clean when it is not in use by covering it up completely. They also reduce the energy loss caused by evaporation.

Solar pool blankets come in two types, the bubble wrap versions and the vinyl versions. The bubble wrap versions are very common. The solar pool blanket contained bubbles that trap the sun’s heat then transfers this heat to the pool and the water in it, thus heating the water in the pool. This heat is then kept from escaping when the solar pool blankets lock them in.

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Pool solar covers are pool covers that effectively help in preventing the loss of energy from swimming pools. Due to evaporation, pools usually require too much energy, which means that your swimming pool heating costs will also climb. Some solar covers, which are specifically designed and made from special materials, can help save up to 59% to 70% from heating costs.

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