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Best Solar Pool Skimmer

What are the Top Solar Powered Skimmers for Swimming Pools?

Do you often go swimming? If so, then you have, perhaps, come across different kinds of swimming pool qualities. Some are well-maintained, while others, sadly, may disappoint and send you back and packing. Debris, wastage, bugs, and twigs are among the things you would expect in a poorly kept pool.

A swimming pool skimmer helps ensure your water remains clean and protected from the inevitable debris and wastage. You should always expect them to leave your pool water unattractive and even affect pool treatment; pools are open and thus exposed to various elements.

To lessen the hassle of ensuring the water always remains clear and protected, you may want to get a good skimmer. So, what makes a good one? As we will later discuss, pool attachment, wind-propelling, and no extra accessories are among the factors that you should have at the back of your mind.

Besides these, are considerations that you should make when shopping for the best skimmer. They include but are not limited to durability, price, and ease of installation. Like the above factors, we will discuss these considerations later in the article. First, which are the best skimmers?

There are various available brands in the market; choosing the best can always get confusing. From market research and customer feedback, we have two swimming pool skimmers that you may love. Why don’t we have a look at what each product has to offer?

1. Solar Breeze

If you are looking for easy and great functionality, then you may love the Solar Breeze for its simple operation. Thanks to its powerful solar system, it can see you through the night, keeping your pool clean and protected, even with conditions overcast. The batteries should always charge up enough.

Because of the use of a solar, you will be saving up on electricity bills. Its automatic operation ensures that it does not stop running unless you need to clear its basket. Should the power run out towards dawn, you should expect it to come back up with the rising sun.

It has a quick and efficient operation. During storms or heavy winds, leaves and other wastage, including debris, could float all over your swimming pool. This skimmer works quickly and efficiently to ensure none of that gets to the pool’s bottom. You should thus, have no bacteria, less to no algae, and no cleaning hassle.

This device ensures your water remains good in quality, with its twin tricolor tablets (3 inches) in a chlorine tray. You may also love its collection capacity. Summarily, with the Solar Breeze, you get simple and fast operation. It features a powerful solar system that can keep your device running at night.

It also has an efficient automatic operation. What is more, is the chemical dispenser with tricolor tablets and a great capacity. Notable setbacks, however, are that this device may get stuck on floating hoses and that should there be no sunlight, you may not get its operation at night.


  • Easy to clean
  • Easy operation
  • Powerful solar


  • May get stuck on floating hoses
  • You can only charge it in sunlight.

2. SolaSkimmer

If you are looking for endless operation and durability, then you may love this product. You should get an all-day effortless functionality, with efficient collection of wastages and debris. Its engineering enhances the product’s sturdiness and overall performance.

If you find yourself in conditions with low sunlight, then you may love the ability to charge the SolaSkimmer, so that it can keep going. You may love its light weight, which enhances movement. Its twin panels are situated atop its plastic body, which comes in high-quality.

Its paddles, one located on the front and the other on the back, help with both collection of debris and momentum. You should, therefore, be able to get efficiency with every forward movement. While blockages are expected, the SolaSkimmer offers, on each corner, water jets, which help with direction adjustments.

Besides the jets, are also infrared sensors, which help with wall detection and changing direction. An additional Auto-Turn feature helps with turning the device in five-minute intervals.

If you are looking for a device that will keep your entire pool clean, then this could be it, thanks to the reverse ability, and direction changes. Its battery life can go for six hours when fully charged; it may not serve you for the entire night after sunset, but for a substantial time.

Its charging port makes it easy to plug in whenever you need to; it takes up to six hours to charge up, and a minimum of five hours in sunlight. A notable setback is that it does not come with a chemical dispenser tray.


  • Charging port for night charging
  • Easy operation and cleaning
  • Infrared sensors and Auto-Turn


  • It does not come with a chemical dispenser tray

Buying Guide

if you enjoy swimming, then you know how important it is to ensure that the water you dip yourself in is clean and free from twigs, bugs, or waste that could be floating on them. You may not have the best time with such obstructions, which may also affect the water balance, besides making it unattractive.

You have, perhaps, come across such pools with colors that you cannot trust, or days to even weeks’ old dirt and substances. These wastes and twigs can affect the water treatment and used and may require equipment for cleaning and eliminating whatever should not be floating on the water surface.

Clear water is fun to swim in. It feels good when you can trust the depths and the quality of water that you will be spending most of your time in. A pool skimmer, therefore, is one of the equipment that you may find to be quite handy for cleaning swimming pools and ensuring they remain clear at all times.

A swimming pool may cover a small or large area, depending on its design and location. A skimmer will, therefore, be constructed to serve a wide range of possible setups. These variations develop uniqueness in the manufacture of most products.

While swimming pool skimmers serve the overall purpose of cleaning your pool, therefore, each available brand may work differently. We have looked at some of the available skimmers in the market; how do you choose the best?

In this section, we are going to look at not only what you should look for in a good product but also considerations that you should make when shopping for a swimming pool skimmer. Why don’t we begin by discussing some of the considerations?

Durability. Each product has a varied construction, either due to manufacturing design or materials used to make it. A good skimmer has been designed to last you a long stretch of use. Because of the nature of their functionality, you may want to get a system built for the conditions.

How do you determine a durable product from what is available? If you have used skimmers before, then you may have an idea of some of the most reputable brands from what we have discussed. You may also want to check out customer feedback and reviews; what other people have had to say about their experience is just as important in telling how well a system can serve you.

Installation. A skimmer can be easy or complicated to set up; it really depends on what you get. Most automatic models may not always be easy. You may encounter challenges with getting started, which can eventually affect how effective it performs or if at all it works.

We all have varied preferences. Some people do not mind complications; to others, they may not even be complications. Therefore, find out how easy it is to set up a skimmer. If you feel that you are up for the installation test, then you can go for whatever works best for you.

Price. This is not the least important consideration, despite coming last from what we will discuss. How tight or flexible is your budget? That should guide you on the range of products that you can comfortably work with. Some products can offer so much for little, while others can come at hefty prices, while not matching up their value.

While it is good to go for your top preference upon considering all factors, you should also let your budgetary ability bear deciding weight. There is always something for a good price, so best go for what you can manage without straining.

What do you look for in a swimming pool skimmer? There are a range of features that could serve you optimally and leave your pool clean for whenever you are going to use it. Each product has something unique to offer; so, why don’t we have a look at some of the features that could do you a great deal?

Wind-propelled skimmers are ideal. You may have a different preference or choose to go for a different device, but you will come to find something special about wind-propelled systems. The first and obvious advantage is that they only need the wind to move around, cleaning your pool.

Since skimmers float on the surface of the water as they clean, a device that can be moved by the wind serves you more perks. It works utilizing surface tension, saving you not only the effort of clearing the debris yourself but also money for more mechanical models and thus, even trouble.

Pool attachment. A skimmer operates well when water from your pool can flow through it easily. For this to happen, the device will need to be connected to the pool. You will find that attaching it to a pool’s filtration system enhances cleaning thanks to the ability to cycle more water.

Some skimmers, however, cannot be connected to a pool, and they may not serve you in the same way. This is because they may not have an easy flow of water from your pool, meaning that they may not cycle enough water from the filtration system.

Extra accessories. Are you looking for extra costs? Most buyers would steer clear of anything unnecessarily “extra” to their budget. If you are one such, then you do not need added accessories, since they will automatically mean added costs, perhaps even unnecessary.

A good device is complete and functional as it is; you should be able to get the best without more accessories. If your desired skimmer does not offer this and may force you to look for something extra, then you could be running at a loss or unnecessary strain.

It is important that you make considerations before or when shopping for a skimmer to use on your pool. You do not have to limit yourself to only what we have discussed; there are plenty more factors that you may want to keep in mind. At the end of the day, however, do not go shopping blind.

More features and factors than what we have looked at make a good skimmer. You may want to look into what each product has to offer and how well it can work for you. We have different preferences, which will always affect our choice of products. Go for what works best for you.

Bottom Line

You may not enjoy your time out in a poorly maintained pool. Debris, wastage, bugs, and even twigs, are among the things that affect the water quality and clarity. A skimmer always comes handy in cleaning and ensuring your pool water stays protected.

Due to the nature of their functionality, a good skimmer should be durable and see you through long stretches of use, withstanding harsh conditions. You should also consider your budgetary ability and how easy it will be to install and use the device. 

We have also discussed some of the factors that make a good skimmer, and generally looked at what you should have in mind when shopping. With the available skimmers in the market, we have discussed two of the best. While you could go for your preference, I would like to recommend the Solar Breeze.

It offers simple and fast operation and features a powerful solar system that can keep your device running at night. It also has an efficient automatic operation. What is more, is the chemical dispenser and a great capacity. 

Buy the Solar Breeze skimmer today!

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