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Review of Unicel Pool Filters Cartridge

Like a regular water purifier, a pool cartridge filter uses a cylindrical filter to catch particles and microbes from your pool’s water. There are several manufacturers of pool cartridge filters that most American pools and spas use; one of the better-known companies is Unicel.

Technical Details

Unicel, like Pleatco, uses Reemay polyester pleats to accomplish the big job of filtering pool water. Reemay is a special material made by Dupont designed specifically for filtering pool water. As it happens, Dupont designed Reemay just for Unicel in the mid-1980s, and the material turned out to be so successful that most major cartridge filter manufacturers use Reemay today.

The flagship cartridge filter of Unicel is the T-380 Red Top, which works in any cluster-type filter housing. The cartridge filters produced by Unicel use rounded pleats instead of sharp pleats, which Unicel claims makes the filters easier to clean and more effective.

Installation and Use

Like other cartridge filters, Unicel cartridge filters are easy to install and easy to use. Unicel does not offer any particular advantage over other pool cartridge filters in the installation and use category.


Also like other cartridge filters, maintenance on Unicel cartridge filters is straightforward. By hosing off the filter once or twice per pool season, you will maintain the health of your cartridge filter and keep it working for some time to come.

Unicel points out that one of the most common maintenance mistakes made with cartridge filters is acid washing it at the wrong time. DE filters do require periodic acid washing, but acid washing can damage cartridge filters. After hosing off your filter you drop a little bit of acid onto it and notice it bubble, then you need to perform a mild acid wash. Otherwise, do not acid wash your cartridge filter.


Finding the right model of Unicel cartridge filter is easy. Their website has a drop down menu that allows you to select the model of your pool or spa, then you are taken to a new page that suggests which model of Unicel cartridge filters are the best choices for your particular set-up.

The Bottom Line

Unicel has long been a pioneer in the cartridge filter industry. They are a trusted brand name, and have primarily positive customer feedback about their products. It is easy to find a Unicel cartridge filter that works with your pool or spa, and once it’s installed, the filter is easy to maintain. Although Unicels are pricier than some other brands, the value for these cartridge filters is good.

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