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Best Liquid Solar Pool Cover

What are the Top Liquid Solar Blankets to Heat Swimming Pools?

Many years ago, if you wanted to lessen the water evaporation of your pool water and would have wanted the water to be warm during the winter, you would have had to cover the pool with a plastic material to keep it warm. This always was a tedious process and also was a very tricky process. However, nowadays with the help of technology, the liquid solar pool cover can help you cover the swimming pool and also help you reduce the evaporation of water in the pool.

Top Picks

1. Natural Chemistry Spa Liquid Solar Swimming Pool Cover Layer – 32oz each

This product not only helps you to save the water or the money but also helps you in reducing the evaporation of your pool water. The Natural Chemistry Spa Liquid Solar Swimming Pool Cover Layer is based on a technology which has a monolayer and thus meets the requirement of many users. It provides an invisible barrier that protects water from getting evaporated and also heats it at the same time.

Product Features & Specs

The Natural Chemistry Spa Liquid Solar Swimming Pool Cover Layer which has the monolayer technology gives the owners of the pool great benefits as it helps in saving water and money for them as they save evaporation of water which happens due to heat loss. Approximately 85% of water evaporation and 70% of water heat loss is reduced. A Monolayer spreads over the water surface and the surface tension allows it to be a place. The dose of the products is 4fl oz per 20,000 gallons water every week.

  • An invisible liquid barrier is created that protects water from evaporation and also heat loss from the pool.
  • It follows the mono- layer technology.
  • Saves numerous gallons of swimming pool water.
  • Reduces water evaporation.


  • Reduces evaporation up to 85%.
  • Heat loss reduction up to 70%.
  • The pool owners save both water and money.
  • It is available at an affordable price.


  • Some pool owners work slowly.

2. SunHeater Solar Blanket Liquid Heat Shield Blanket in a Bottle (Pack of 4)

Instead of using a normal pool cover you can always use SunHeater Solar Blanket Liquid Heat Shield Blanket. This product helps your pool to get the temperature you wish as it creates a non-toxic, extremely thin and invisible shield that helps your swimming pool water to gain the temperature and also reduces the evaporation. Pool chemicals are preserved by this product and saves the owner money and time.

Product Features & Specs

The product is made of non-toxic ingredients which is very easy to use.  You need to add the liquid in the pool water using the instruction mentioned on the bottle. This product is good in preserving chemicals of the pool as well.

  • Helps in reducing chemical, heat and water loss due to evaporation of pool water.
  • 100% safe to be used.
  • Bottle has markings and instructions for usage.
  • Approx. 4 oz for 20,000 gallons.


  • Locks heat and reduces evaporation of pool water.
  • Reduces consumption of poo chemicals.
  • Safe for family.


  • Not much effective for night swims.

3. Auqapill AP72-02 Solar Pill Up to 30000 Gallon (2 Pack)

This product looks like a pill and is capable of maintaining a steady temperature and also does not allow any layer of the product on the surface of water to be formed. You don’t have to worry about the loss of heat even% at night as in the day the pool gets heated by the energy of the sun and at night the Auqapill does not allow the heat to get away.

Product Features & Specs

The Aquapill follows the dispensing system which releases the product in due course of time and thus limits the heat and loss of chemicals in your pool. The Auqapill AP72-02 Solar Pill helps you to swim when the weather is suitably cold as it preserves the warmth in the water of the pool. It is also known as the Pool cover in a pill which works for 30,000 gallons of water for one month.

  • 30,000 gallons of pool water can be protected by this product.
  • Last for approximately a month.
  • Very simple to use as it automatically dissolves in water.
  • Reduces chemical and heat loss by preventing evaporation of water.
  • Swimming season gets extended.


  • Using it is easy.
  • Reduces evaporation of water.


  • Not good when it’s windy outside.

4. Tropical Fish Liquid Solar Blanket Liquid Heat in a Bottle – 3Pack

Now you can throw away your pool solar blanket and cover it with the invisible barrier that helps you to save heat loss from the pool and also preserves the pool water in turn saving money as you don’t have to refill the pool.

The liquid decreases the water evaporation by up to % and saves heat loss by up to 90% from your pool.  It rapidly warms the pool and allows the water to stay warmer for a longer period of time. This product is eco-friendly, has no toxicity and is totally safe to individuals who swam in the pool and will ever have any side effects on the filtration system of your pool.

Product Features & Specs

This product comes in a bottle which is self-measuring and easy to dispense. You need to pour 4-5 ounces when there is 15,000 -20,000 gallons of water in the pool, every week. It is safe to be used if you have a sand, De pool or Cartridge filter. It does not damage any surface on the pool or even leave a dirty layer of the ingredient on the surface of the pool.

  • The pool water reduces up to 90%. However, when you use these products the water evaporation decreases by 50%.
  • The pool can be of any size or shape, the liquid product mixes well and protects evaporation and energy loss and even provides the temperature you wish.
  • This product is non-toxic, eco-friendly and safe to be used by individuals who swim in the pool and even is safe if your pets drink the water from the pool.
  • It does not affect
  • The alkalinity of the pool. Thus, does not disturb the chemical balance.
  • It is safe for filtration and plumbing options and does not affect the vinyl liners.


  • Safe for swimmers.
  • Non-toxic, eco-friendly and safe to be used by individuals who swim in the pool.


  • Fails to work good on windy days

5. Natural Chemistry Cover Free Liquid Pool Solar Blanket – 6 x 1 Qt

It follows the mono layer technology that preserves the water and your money by recusing the evaporation of the pool water. The evaporation of water is reduced by 85 % and heat loss is reduced by 70%. The invisible barricade helps you to get the temperature you wish for the water of the swimming pool.

Product Features & Specs

Natural Chemistry Cover Free Liquid Pool Solar Blanket has mono layer technology in it and preserves the water of the pool. It is recommended that you use 4- ounce of the product with 20,000 gallons of water every week. If the weather condition is bad you can use it twice in a week.

  • Mono layer technology.
  • Water evaporation decreased by 85-percent.
  • Heat loss is reduced by 70%.


  • Owners can save money and time when they use this product.


  • Is slow to function.

6. Aquapill Solar Pill Liquid Solar Blanket for 12,000 gallons Pools (4 Pack): 

These products are available in the form of a measureless capsule which helps the pool owners to save water from the pool to be evaporated and also preserves heat energy without any additional problems. It does not create any trouble for the surface or vinyl and does not cause any harm for individuals who swim in the pool. You can simply remove the product with the help of the skimmer. This product lasts for at least a month.

Product Features & Specs

  • Just need to prick the hoe available in the pill and can keep it in your skimmer.
  • Does not harm pool surfaces or vinyl and is safe if a human comes in contact with the product.
  • Last for a month.


  • Easy usage.
  • Reduces water evaporation.


  • Not good if the weather is windy.

7. Tropical Fish Liquid Solar Blanket LiquidHeat in a Bottle – 1 Liter Self Measuring

This product is a very conventional cover for your pool. Once you pour the liquid into the pool, it will create the cover. It does cover the whole pool and decreases the water evaporation by almost 50% and preserves 90% of the heat in the pool. Thus, reducing the cost of the heating.

Product Features & Specs

  • 50% of water evaporation is reduced by usage of this product.
  • Evaporation decreased and the pool was kept warmer.
  • Covers any pool surface easily.
  • Heat of the pool is maintained and there is an energy saving of 15% to 40%.


  • Safe, non-toxic and very eco-friendly in nature and is very safe for individuals swimming in the pool.
  • Chemical balance is not affected.


  • Not good for windy days.

8. Pool Basics Heat Trapper Pool Solar Blanket in a Bottle Liquid Solar Cover, 1-Quart, 1-Pack

This product easily forms a thin layer of the ingredient on the surface of the pool. You need to use it two times in a week. This product reduces water evaporation and heat loss from the pool water. It also limits the amount of usage of pool chemicals.

Product Features & Specs

While your filtration system works, you can pour 4 oz per 15,000 gallon of water. Place this product near the jet stream which is placed at the swimming pool end. You may also place it in a skimmer. You need to use this product twice in a week. For maximum effectiveness you need to run the filtration system every day.

  • Reduces loss of heat and evaporation.
  • Preserves the chemical of the pool.
  • Increases the swimming time as the heat loss is reduced.
  • 4 oz per 15,000 gallons of pool water is the ratio and should be used twice in a week.


  • It reduces loss of heat, water and pool chemicals.


  • Not enough for bigger pools.

9. SeaKlear Solar Shield (1 qt) (2 Pack)

This product reduces heat and water loss in the pool water by creating an extremely thin layer of invisible barrier on the water surface. The shield lasts for a month. This product can work on all kinds of pools both large and small and also pools whose shape are unconventional.

Product Features & Specs

  •       Reduces heat and water loss in the swimming pool.
  •       Creates an extremely thin layer of invisible barrier on the water surface.
  •       Lasts for a month.
  •       Comes in a pack of 2.


  • Reduces loss of heat and evaporation.
  • Creates an extremely thin layer of invisible barrier on the water surface.
  • Lasts for a month.
  • Available at a reasonable price.


  • Some pool owners found that it works slow, when it comes to heating the pool.

10. Heatsavr Liquid Solar Indoor and Outdoor Swimming Pool Heating Blanket Liquid Alternative 33 fluid oz

Heatsavr Liquid Solar cover gives you an alternative to cover your swimming pool easily instead of the plastic covers for the pool. It works just fine with any size of pools as it is a liquid solution to cover the pool. You need to calculate the doze and pour it into the pool and it will protect your pool.

It is self-spreading on the pool surface. Even if the individual is swimming, this product keeps on working and keeps the temperature of the pool warm.

Product Features & Specs

This product is manufactured with eco-friendly materials. It is known for reduction of water evaporation and is very safe for your filter and skimmers and can also be used if you are using salt-water in your pool.

  • Reduces the heat loss by half. Warms the pool very fast and keeps the temperature stable.
  • Reduces evaporation
  • Easy to use.
  • A reliable pool solution.
  • An invisible barrier acting like a cover for your pool.


  • It has non toxic ingredients and cannot be detected by swimmers.
  • Reduces loss of heat.
  • Does not affect the chemicals or the filtration system.
  • It has a special feature to work like a solar cover which floats on the surface of the pool water instead of the plastic material used in traditional pool covers.


  • Some pool owners found that it works slow, when it comes to heating the pool.

How Do Liquid Pool Cover Work?

The liquid solar pool cover works on a very simple technique. The liquid is poured in the pool water and thus floats on the surface of the water as the density of the liquid is lighter than of the pool water. It starts to spread all over the pool water soon and covers the whole pool water. After a while the chemical will come together naturally and position themselves side by side of each other. The molecules of the chemical are small in size which forms a cover over the water.

However, they do have some drawbacks. As they have a thin coating, it can be disturbed even by slightest of the movement in the water or by heavy winds. The chemical will only stabilize when the pool water stabilizes again.

Many claim the liquid solar pool cover is very effective, when placed with other essential heating products. They are also very effective when it comes to maintaining the water temperature of your pool. They are very affordable and very comfortable to use and very safe.

What Is A Solar Liquid Pool Cover?

The liquid solar pool cover is a very thin microscopic coating of many chemicals which when added to the swimming pool water floats on the surface of the water. It actually has fatty alcohol which when added together form a layer which floats above the water. You can not see the layer with naked eyes neither can you feel it. You might not feel that a layer which is so thin can possibly help heating the water of your pool. However, it has been proved that it not only warms the water but also protects it from evaporating. Above all things it is safe to swim even if the pool water has the solar liquid pool cover mixed in it.

Are Liquid Solar Covers Safe?

You must know that liquid pool covers have very less chemicals in them thus making it very safe for swimmers in the pool. Many researchers have advised that there is nothing to be worried about the solar covers in the pool. As these chemicals do not harm the humans. It is even known to be biodegradable and is perfectly safe for humans and the environment. However, some people who have sensitive skin should be careful as it might cause a bit of irritation. So, you should test the product before you buy it for your annual pool maintenance.

Liquid covers are safe as it provides safety from entrapment of kids or animals unlike the plastic pool covers. Liquid covers also prevent growth of bacteria and algae as your pool gets fresh air to breathe. Even the filtration system is safe.

How to Use a Liquid Cover?

The amazing thing about the liquid pool covers is that there is no big sheet of heavy plastic that you need to unroll. You need to pour the liquid solution of solar pool cover (about 4 oz) in 20,000 gallons of pool water. Try adding the solution when it is in a skimmer but it even works if you use it directly. You should make sure the pump is on, so that it gets evenly distributed. Use it twice a week if there is high usage of the pool.

How Well Do Liquid Solar Covers Work?

Many individuals state that liquid covers are not that reliable but to be honest when you are dealing with a plastic cover you know anything is better than using plastic. They have some disadvantages in windy areas. However, you also need to know that they are known to reduce heat loss and water evaporation of your pool water saving of energy and water in your pool.

Factors to Consider When Buying the Best Liquid Solar Pool Covers

If you are thinking of buying the solar pool covers you need to be sure about the pros and cons. There are various products which you will find in the market and selecting them may be difficult. Listed below are some features which you need to keep in mind while searching for the product of your requirement.

  • It should be cost effective.
  • Should not leave layers of debris or spoil the surface of the pool.
  • Should be able to heat the water fast and keep the temperature stabilized during night as well.
  • Should not affect the chemicals of the pool rather protecting it.
  • Easy application.

By knowing these advantages, you now know what you need to look for when buying the liquid solar pool covers. Always do thorough research and only then purchase a product of your choice and requirement.

Difference between Liquid Solar Pool Covers and Plastic Covers

The main difference between liquid solar pool covers and Plastic pool covers is as below:

  • You can’t swim if the plastic cover is covered but can do so with liquid solar pool covers.
  • The plastic cover does not work at night but the liquid solar pool cover works at night.
  • Plastic covers may cause accidents if a child or a pet gets stuck in it but that does not happen with liquid solar pool cover. It is easy for you to save them if they fall in the pool accidentally.
  • Plastic pool covers are not eco-friendly and are not biodegradable. However, liquid solar pool covers are eco-friendly and biodegradable.

All the products discussed are good. However, the best of the lot is Natural Chemistry Spa Liquid Solar Swimming Pool Cover Layer (32oz each) because it reduces evaporation up to 85% and heat loss also reduces up to 70%. The pool owners save both water and money and it is also available at a very affordable price.

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